Sept. 12 2016
Breeds in Bloom, the 2004 showring theme that featured a white farmhouse, white picket fence, and white cows grazing on a green pasture of colored shavings, topped the list of 28 showring themes that have...
Sept. 12 2016
The Badger Dairy Club’s involvement in Expo has certainly evolved over the years. Today, you can find them working in the ring, in the cheese stand, and all across the grounds logging more than 5,000...
Sept. 12 2016
As an event inspired by an idea from a group of well-known dairy pioneers to showcase the best dairy cattle, World Dairy Expo has grown with grace over the past 50 years. From growing in cattle numbers...
Sept. 12 2016
From rag tents to the modern-day Exhibition Hall, Gilbert nurtured the trade show. Among Gilbert’s innovations that continue to this very day are the Exhibitor Policy and Guidelines, the Commercial...
Sept. 12 2016
Born from the desire and dreams to have a world-class dairy show, World Dairy Expo has developed into the world’s most-respected and most-renowned dairy event. That is largely due to innovative steps...
Sept. 12 2016
Influential sires are still recognized with the presentation of the Premier Sire award at the completion of each breed show. The sires that have won the most Premier Sire banners at World Dairy Expo for...
Sept. 12 2016
While the show has evolved over the past five decades, many of the names and faces have remained the same. Here’s a look into the memories of some longtime and well-known attendees
Sept. 12 2016
When World Dairy Expo got its start in 1967, no one knew for certain just how big of an event it would become. Dairy cattle shows were among the many activities at the first World Dairy Expo. That year,...
Aug. 27 2014
Widely respected in purebred dairy cattle circles, Allen Hetts led the effort from his Fort Atkinson-based Crescent Beauty Farm with support from Gene Nelson, Gray View Farm. Brown Swiss breeder Howard...