Maximize milk production with quailty crops and forages

Hoard's Dairyman's Crops and Forage E-source provides management information to dairy herd owners about growing top quality feeds for dairy cows. It starts with soil and nutrients, and applies to corn silage, alfalfa and corn silage. Testing of forages helps balance nutrient intake in dairy cow rations and storage of roughages affects feed quality. Comparing costs of custom crop work also helps farmers calculate total feed costs. This esource is sponsored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition.


Brought to you by Biotal Forage Inoculants. ( Watch the July 2012 webinar below. This webinar explores new options for traditional corn silage. From snaplage to shredlage, and rumen fermentation measurements all are covered. Hutjens also addresses the economics of 2012 corn silage
Dr. Mike Hutjens from the University of Illinois talks about "Sorting through your forage supply options" as part of the Hoard's Dairyman webinar series. This special presentation addresses the options for those with a shortage of forage due to drought conditions