The author is the managing editor, and he brings 21 years of industry leadership to our readers overseeing all editorial content and production of the magazine. His degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison combined dairy science and agricultural economics.
Aug. 1 2016
Agriculture's bridge to worldwide customers. It ranks among the least-discussed divisions of USDA. However, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) has one of agriculture's tallest tasks by linking U.S....
July 25 2016
Prolea, a Mexico co-op based in Jalisco, manufactures yogurt and cheese. In addition, it offers custom forage harvesting and custom heifer raising.
July 25 2016
As Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker points out, trade between Wisconsin and Mexico remains quite strong with dairy and agriculture topping the list
July 18 2016
It's a Mexican dairy farm! Shown in the photo from left to right are Gerardo Romo, Fernando Romo, Secretary Ben Brancel, Manuel Romo, Alberto Romo, and Ernesto Romo. The dairy farm is located in the Mexican...
July 18 2016
Looks like a U.S. dairy farm, but it's not by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor If pictures are truly worth a thousand words, this 78-second video should really get you thinking as to the location of the dairy....
July 18 2016
Two Dairylands forge a stronger alliance. It's a rare event that two governors get together to discuss agriculture much less dairy issues. However, that is just what happened mid-June 2016 when Wisconsin...
July 11 2016
What is the national cull rate? Cull rates are one of the bellwethers of herd health. However, herd health and dairy cow removal aren't the only factor that drives cull rates . . . the inventory of herd...
July 11 2016
Dairy farmers have lost retail market share. Dairy farmers' share of what consumers pay for dairy products at the grocery store plummeted to a mere 29 percent in 2015 after reaching 38 percent just one...
July 5 2016
Could vegan cheese be the next nut juice? by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor Since 2010, sales of nondairy alternatives such as almond and soy beverages have surged 54 percent, reported Bloomberg's editors...
June 27 2016
The human population loves its antibiotics. Animals are the leading cause of antibiotic resistance. It's a mantra voiced by a number of advocates for more prudent antibiotic use. However, if people are...
June 27 2016
Dairy co-op's tombstone reads 1894 to 2016. Although it's been in a vegetative coma since March 31, 2008, the dairy co-op's official death notice, representing its last legal business day, will read June...
June 20 2016
In the strongest rebuke we've read in some time on geographical indications, known to many as GIs, one opinion columnist wrote, " . . . the profligate use of state-forced GIs smacks of producers trying...
June 13 2016
"TPP is very important, especially for dairy," reconfirmed Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Chair of the Senate Ag Committee in a conversation with dairy farmers who gathered for the 100th anniversary...
June 6 2016
A second economic analysis has confirmed that dairy farm income did not cover expenses in 2015 for California dairy producers. Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants conducted the latest study....
June 3 2016
by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor Falling milk prices virtually wiped out profits for Northeast dairy farmers in 2015, delivering close to break-even results on average, according to Farm Credit's Northeast...
Oct. 3 2015
The Merle Howard Award is given to the top junior exhibitor at World Dairy Expo. Given in memory of Howard, the 1954 Klussendorf winner, this award is given to the show's top youth
Oct. 2 2015
Growing up on a Guernsey farm in eastern New York, this year's silver anniversary Duncan MacKenzie recipient, Timothy Coon of Amenia, N.Y., came to his first World Dairy Expo in 1981 and hasn't missed...
Oct. 2 2015
When thinking about a person who is an all around contributor to an industry, the name of Lorne Ella of Rock Ella Jerseys of Hornby, Ontario, Canada, quickly jumps to mind. He is the 74th winner of the...
Oct. 4 2014
Tim Abbott, Enosburg, Vt., was named the 16th Honorary Member of the Klussendorf Association. Since the association was formed in 1937, 15 other men have received special recognition by the membership...
Oct. 4 2014
What began as a traditional 4-H project with a few calves eventually evolved into a 65-cow dairy over a span of a decade for Jade Jenson who won the 2014 Merle Howard Award. On her way to developing her...