The author is the managing editor, and he brings 21 years of industry leadership to our readers overseeing all editorial content and production of the magazine. His degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison combined dairy science and agricultural economics.
Oct. 7 2016
Roger Riebe and family Roger Riebe of Cumberland, Wisconsin, was named the 75th winner of the Klussendorf Trophy, the highest recognition given to a dairy cattle showman in the United States
Sept. 26 2016
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken adds Real Seal "We all know that chicken doesn't contain 51 percent dairy," said Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) dairy scientist Porter Myrick, who works exclusively with McDonald's....
Sept. 26 2016
How butter came back to life at McDonald's. The original Egg McMuffin was made with real butter. Over time, McDonald's shifted away from the dairy product as a kitchen ingredient. "We went to margarine...
Sept. 19 2016
Mozzarella sticks filled two of three orders by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor "Who doesn't like real Mozzarella sticks?" asked Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) dairy scientist Porter Myrick, who works exclusively...
Sept. 19 2016
Go-Gurt sells 300 million tubes of yogurt continues to grow with McDonald's. That can be most easily documented with Go-Gurt, made solely of yogurt, which is offered in a smaller version of the original...
Sept. 19 2016
Trade is on USDA's radar by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor "The strength of the U.S. dollar has not only hurt dairy exports, but overall competitiveness of U.S. agricultural exports, which have been lower...
Sept. 12 2016
Why Dairy? Why McDonald's? McDonald's, the world's largest restaurant chain with 34,000 franchises across the globe and 14,000 stores in the U.S., has been looking at its entire menu
Sept. 12 2016
McDonald's revolutionized milk by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor Within 10 months of launching resealable plastic milk jugs in the marketplace in 2004, McDonald's saw milk sales double. These days if you...
Sept. 12 2016
Dairy markets finding a balance point by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor With global milk supplies beginning to contract and worldwide demand for dairy products showing growth, markets have begun to rebalance....
Sept. 5 2016
The 50th World Dairy Expo will be special. There is no doubt that the 50th World Dairy Expo will be a memorable show with special events held throughout the week of October 4 to 8, 2016, in Madison, Wis
Sept. 5 2016
Bringing the "world" to World Dairy Expo by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor The Allen Hetts Family. If World Dairy Expo had a founding family, it was Allen Hetts, his wife, Doris, and their children. While...
Aug. 29 2016
They bet the farm to save World Dairy Expo. Talk about dedication. The founding fathers of World Dairy Expo literally bet the farm - to the tune of $100,000 - just to save the show in its third year. Sounds...
Aug. 29 2016
A calf flies in to promote Dairy Expo. Call it the original World Dairy Expo road show. After a rocky start, World Dairy Expo was rebranded in just its third year and it needed a public relations campaign....
Aug. 22 2016
Upper Midwest cell count drops to record low. After hovering between 220,000 and 222,000 somatic cells per milliliter from 2012 to 2014, somatic cell counts dropped to 208,000 on a weighted average in...
Aug. 22 2016
It took vision to build World Dairy Expo by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor In their own words. In full-color commentary. That is what you will hear in this historic 8-minute audio clip detailing the movers...
Aug. 15 2016
Red, White, and Blue on Pizza, too by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor Yes, dairy has a direct tie with the Olympics. At least that's the case when talking about the Dairy Checkoff managed by Dairy Management...
Aug. 15 2016
Top A.I. bulls ranked for a number of traits. While the Hoard's Dairyman Bull List will be available in the August 25 issue, we are making it available to readers here as well. It can be downloaded by...
Aug. 8 2016
Dairy trade: Think beyond the exchange rate by Corey Geiger, Managing Editor The Mexican peso buys less goods and services these days when compared to the U.S. dollar. While that is true, USDA's Gabriel...
Aug. 8 2016
Dairy helps everyone prosper. Dairy brings a unique value proposition to the economic table. Dairy also brings great value to the food table
Aug. 1 2016
Dairy farms have grown for a reason. Dairy farms continue to evolve. While many of us know that, Ben Brancel, secretary of Wisconsin's Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, delivers...