Hoard's Has Heard: The Klussendorf Trophy's 75th anniversary will be celebrated with an exhibit at the National Dairy Shrine Museum and Hoard Historical Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wis. The display will feature memorabilia of past winners and the trophy itself. The exhibition opened in mid-September and is expected to run through October.
Sept. 26 2016
The barns at sunset. The globe. The Coliseum. The colored shavings. The first leaves changing colors
Sept. 23 2016
With 13 university teams from across North America, the Wildcats topped the Collegiate Dairy Judging Contest held at the All-American Dairy Show earlier this week
Sept. 22 2016
As my daughter, Caitlin, and I have written our blogs for Hoard’s Dairyman, we have tried to emphasize the positives of being dairy farmers even though this past year has been extremely hard financially