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Sept. 27 2016
Hoard's Dairyman Daily Cheese
Sept. 25 2016
Forage systems match modern cows and farms Alfalfa cutting schedules, corn silage's growing role in diets, and storage demands due to larger herds highlight changes to forage practices in the past 40 years
Sept. 25 2016
We had to make a better pizza Dairy Management Inc., via the dairy-farmer checkoff, provided the shot in the arm that not only turned around Domino's, but the entire pizza category. by Hoard's Dairyman...
Sept. 25 2016
This trifecta led to better milkout. By monitoring these big three - two minute milk flow, time in low flow, and unit on time - better milkout can be achieved while minimizing
Sept. 23 2016
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Sept. 10 2016
If you build it, they will come Wisconsin prepares to focus on agriculture education each and every day with a $13 million facility. If you build it, they will come."
Aug. 31 2016
It started with a jug In 2004, McDonald's revolutionized how milk was offered in Quick Service Restaurant chains. These days, 80 percent of items on the menu at the world's largest restaurant chain include...
Aug. 31 2016
Serving up the very first meal What matters more: The amount of colostrum fed or the method in which it is delivered? by Faith Cullens The author is a dairy educator with Michigan State University Extension....
Aug. 17 2016
Congressman highlights fixes for MPP-Dairy With sign-ups lagging and dairy margins eroding, Congressman Collin Peterson shared potential improvements to the farm bill's Margin Protection Program for Dairy....
Aug. 17 2016
Is it time to select for A2 milk protein? by Chad Dechow The author is an associate professor of dairy cattle genetics at Penn State University. The dairy faculty at Penn State launched a dairy MOOC (Massive...
Aug. 17 2016
Mexico represents a dairy marketing paradox Without a national milk pricing plan, Mexican dairy farmers remain at the mercy of the marketplace. Meanwhile, the record peso-to-dollar exchange rate makes...
Aug. 3 2016
Great silage takes great planning Corn silage harvest is just around the corner and could even be started in some parts of the country. Harvesting corn for silage may be one of the most important activities...
Aug. 3 2016
Editorial: Sustainability could reduce food waste The work by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has placed the dairy sector in the forefront of the sustainability movement. While dairy was an early...
Aug. 3 2016
Is your tank half full or running on fumes? Some of us prepare ahead, others act in the moment; both modes of operation can fit certain aspects of a dairy. by Paul R. Biagiotti, D.V.M. The author is a...
July 11 2016
Fresh makes the difference From green chop harvested twice each day to milk bottled and delivered same day to retail outlets, Dakin Farms keeps the focus on fresh. by Hoard's Dairyman staff My success...
July 11 2016
Farm women aren't afraid to get dirty Supporting each other is the theme of these mud runs, something farm women have been doing for decades. by Andrea Stoltzfus The author and her family own and operate...
July 11 2016
Editorial: Investor Money backing gene research Work at leading research universities and private sector labs indicates that we will be able to alter the genetic makeup of many farm animals within the...
June 20 2016
Parmesan. Provolone. Feta. These words are as common as terms like tenderloin, peanut butter, and applesauce. However, if the European Union's trade negotiation team gets its way, these before-mentioned...
June 3 2016
tightest belts can be found in New ZealanSliding milk prices have caused dairy farmers to tighten their financial belts. The d, the world's largest dairy product exporter. by Hoard's Dairyman staff The...
June 3 2016
For nearly 20 years, glyphosate-resistant corn and soybeans have been planted by farmers and fed to livestock without too much ruckus. And rightly so, as there is no way to determine if a cow or any other...