Dec. 12 2012
by Sheila McGuirk, D.V.M., School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin I am working with a 600-cow dairy that is experiencing a unique pneumonia-like situation. The dairy is very well managed....
Oct. 19 2012
What's in your milk? This article appeared in the January 25, 2012 issue of Hoard's Dairyman on the Young Dairyman page. The article discusses the components of typical farm milk from dairy cows
Sept. 19 2012
Transition periods aren't just for your dry cows Despite continually changing circumstances, investing more in your calf program can pay off further down the road. by A. F. Kertz The author is the principal...
Sept. 19 2012
Practices must yield heifers that are productive and profitable. We also must minimize cost without affecting the heifers' well-being. by Jud Heinrichs, Javier Suarez and Coleen Jones The authors are a...
Sept. 5 2012
Dairy Smartphone Apps – compiled by Hoard's Dairyman Hoard's Dairyman Apps World Dairy Expo 2012 While a printed Expo supplement has been and will continue to be a Hoard's Dairyman staple, we wanted...
Aug. 31 2012
Make parlor trips peaceful Two or three times a day, free stall herds move cows from their home pen to the holding pen. By keeping a routine and using cows' natural tendencies, we can keep the trips low...
Aug. 31 2012
by Trevor DeVries The author is associate professor, University of Guelph, Kemptville. Total mixed rations (TMRs) have become widely recognized as the optimal way to provide a consistent balance of nutrients....
Aug. 15 2012
Dairy stockmanship:What is low-stress handling? Low-stress stockmanship can be taught. If done correctly, it will relax cattle and employees and improve your bottom line. by Heather Smith Thomas Thomas...
Aug. 13 2012
We must communicate to cattle's senses Cows interpret their environment using the five senses. Remain aware of which senses you are stimulating. by Heather Smith Thomas Thomas is an author of many livestock...
July 18 2012
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July 12 2012
by Mark Hardesty, D.V.M. The author is a partner in Maria Stein Animal Clinic, Maria Stein, Ohio. Normal calving progress is just 70 minutes long. If you do need to intervene, 30 minutes of pulling is...
June 1 2012
In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in the use of foliar (leaf) fungicide treatments. That extra attention has paralleled the steady upward climb in grain prices. Industry estimates...
May 8 2012
These pdfs compliment an article, "Will robots make or break the bank?", by Larry Tranel, in our May 25, 2012 issue of Hoard's Dairyman on page 363. The Economics of Automatic Milking Systems The Economics...
May 8 2012
The Economics of Automatic Milking Systems The Economics of Automatic Milking Systems Spreadsheet Analysis
May 1 2012
Growth doesn't stop in her second lactation by Aurora Villarroel and Ben Krahn The authors are an assistant professor and dairy center director at Oregon State University, respectively. When facilities...
April 10 2012
by Carole Curtis The author is an agricultural free-lance writer based in Manitowoc County, Wis. As yields improve over time, a picture of how to manage corn for optimal silage performance has emerged....
March 30 2012
Mahanna is with Pioneer, a DuPont Business, and is an adjunct professor at Iowa State University; Thomas is retired from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute and president of Oak Point...
March 30 2012
The goal of silage face management is to minimize exposure to oxygen. In the presence of oxygen, yeast can metabolize lactic acid (a strong acid that keeps the silage pH low). When pH rises, undesirable...
March 29 2012
by David A. Rhoda, D.V.M. The author is a senior partner in the Evansville Veterinary Service, Evansville, Wis. Amy's bulk tank SCC (BTSCC) varied from 250,000 to 500,000 and occasionally would be over...
March 14 2012
Here is some additional information to compliment the March 25, 2012 article on page 190 of Hoard's Dairyman. A video of the pumpkin catapult taken by barreAccess.org Visit Carter and Stevens Farm Store...