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by Seidel, Elsden & Hasler

Embryo transfer in dairy cattle has been updated throughout with new information on sexing embryos, sexing semen, cloning, marketing, as well as the basics and economics of this technology. This edition was revised in 2003. 96 pages.

Chapter 1 Historical Background

Chapter 2 Basic Procedures
Embryo terminology, Selecting an embryo transfer company, Superovulation, Insemination of donors, Collection of embryos, Embryo transfer into recipients, Choosing recipients, Calves resulting from embryo transfer, Freezing embryos, Splitting embryos, Sexing embryos, Sexed semen, In vitro fertilization, Cloning, Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET).

Chapter 3 Efficiency and Economics
Making the best use of embryo transfer, True costs of embryo transfer, How to choose donors, Should you use your own cattle as recipients?, Marketing frozen embryos, Marketing cattle from embryo transfer has changed, Exporting embryos.

Chapter 4 Additional Benefits of Embryo Transfer
Some infertile cows can be helped, Embryo transfer safeguards against disease transmission, Effects of maternal inheritance, Additional fringe benefits of embryo transfer.

Chapter 5 The Embryo Transfer Industry
Today Embryo transfer is at a plateau in the USA, Embryo transfer organizations as information sources, New developments in the embryo transfer industry.

Chapter 6 Technologies of the Future Transgenics, Sperm injection, Calves with two mothers and no father, Calves with two fathers and no mother, Embryo transfer as a research tool.

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