Sept. 19 2016 08:00 AM



Body Condition Scorecard helps achieve maximum production and breeding efficiency: gives desired scores with stages of lactation; high quality photos for comparison. Folds to pocket-size, dirt & water-proof.

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$ 1.50
Sept. 21 2016
New 2017 Calendar! Gracing the cover of this yearly tradition is a curious Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Guernsey at sunset. As reader’s have come to expect from the annual calendar, the monthly photos,...
Sept. 21 2016
Written by milk quality specialists, this 56-page employee training manual features side-by-side English and Spanish lessons. This guide provides in-depth training related to mastitis basics, parlor practices,...
Sept. 21 2016
Designed in art deco style, these 18 x 24" posters capture some of the most iconic views of World Dairy Expo. Buy the collection for $20 or pick your favorite for $5 each