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National Dairy Quality Award Winners

From more than 220 applicants, these operations stood out for having produced high-quality milk consistently. Applications were evaluated for measures of quality, systems of monitoring udder health, milking routine, protocols for detection and treatment of clinical and subclinical cases, and strategies for overall herd health and welfare. We are proud to feature these Platinum winners in the National Dairy Quality Award competition. They produce the highest quality milk in the United States and serve as role models and inspirations for all of us.

Recipient / Nominator
Randy and Kathy Bauer, Fairbault, Minn. Doug Wertish, S. Central College Farm Bus. Mgmt.
Randy and Becky Dreier, Norwalk, Wis. Bob Zielsdorf, Swiss Valley Farms
Alan and Taylor Henderson, Schaghticoke, N.Y. Jesse Vandergrift and George Pfeiffer, Archdale Agricultural Products
Robert and Terri Ketchum, Utica, Minn. Bob Zielsdorf, Swiss Valley Farms
Tom McClellan, Delavan, Wis. Randy Hardyman, Grande Milk Marketing
Michigan State University, Lansing, Mich. Duane Farmer, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Donald Rice, Filion, Mich. Richard Fluegge, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.

Recipient / Nominator
Tom and DeeAnn Bauerle, Commiskey, Ind. . Steve Gilland, Dairy Farmers of America
Kevin and Donna Carolan, Calmar, Iowa Jim Murphy, Swiss Valley Farms
Tom, Shirley, and Eric Carson, Hesperia, Mich. Lyndsay Stakenas, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Ryan Visser and William Dejong, Wendell, Idaho Richard Norell, University of Idaho
Daren Filosi, Bay City, Ore. Bryan Gibson, Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
Nick and Linda Hurliman, Cloverdale, Ore. Bryan Gibson, Tillamook County Creamery Assn.
Robert and Mary Keeney, Mt. Hope, Wis. . Roger Dingbaum, Assoc. Milk Producers, Inc.
Joe, Tony, and Evo Machado, Hanford, Calif. Norman Kedrowski, Land O'Lakes
James and Linda Marty, Monticello, Wis. Mark Mayer, UW-Extension

Recipient / Nominator
Charles, Julie, and Abby Nelkie, West Branch, Mich. Gerry Volz, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Rick and Dan Reuter, Peosta, Iowa Bill Nietert, Assoc. Milk Producers, Inc.
Kenneth and Ralph Schefers, Paynesville, Minn. Lloyd Rausch, Assoc. Milk Producers, Inc.
Kenneth and Marlus Schmitz, Norwalk, Wis. Bob Zielsdorf, Swiss Valley Farms
Walter and William Selke, Dakota, Minn. Bob Zielsdorf, Swiss Valley Farms
Joe, Diane, and John Thome, Malone, Wis. Ron Schmitz, Keith Engel, Stanley Schmitz, Inc./GEA WestfaliaSurge
Dean Wesen, Bow, Wash. Jeanna Burggraf, Organic Valley
Doug and Carlyle Westendorp, Nashville, Mich. Ed Nichols, NorthStar Co-op, Inc.

Recipient / Nominator
Lawrence and Beth Anne Adams, Volant, Pa. Gary Fulkman, Dairy Farmers of America
Brian and Phil Brunink, McBain, Mich. Dave Clark, Dairy Farmers of America
Tony and Jenifer Carpenter, Caldwell, Ohio. Jeryl Thrash, DMS/DFA
Victor and Carl Daniels, Sterling, Mich. Katie Pierson, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Mark Diemer, McBain, Mich. Preston Cole, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Keith Fagernes, Rochester, Wash. Norman Hansen, Northwest Dairy Association
Mike Fischer and Family, Hatley, Wis. Scott Poock, University of Missouri
Steve and Debbie Gilbert, Wooster, Ohio Brian Funk, DMS/DFA
Charles and Karen Herzig, Colrain, Mass. Wayne Pepler, Agri Mark, Inc.
Jeff and Kevin Hoewisch, Fremont, Wis. Neil Schwinn, Family Dairies USA
Brad and Deborah Kartes Family, West Branch, Mich. Gerry Volz, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.

Recipient / Nominator
A. Denny and Kathy Lewis, Williston, Vt. Tom Gates, St. Albans Co-op Creamery
James and Laurie McCullough, Juda, Wis. Mark Mayer, UW-Extension
Charles and Chase McCune, St. Louis, Mich. Rosemarie Stieg, DMS/DFA
Nop Brothers and Sons, Salisbury, Vt. Tom Gates, St. Albans Co-op Creamery
Bud, Ron, and Ed Reisbig, Ionia, Mich. Bryan Stocks, Dairy Farmers of America
John and Rhonda Rietkerk, Wendell, Idaho Russ DeKruyf, Glanbia Foods, Inc.
David and Phyllis Stahlbusch, Eau Claire, Wis. Tim Nelson, Assoc. Milk Producers, Inc.
Steve Guider and Charles Stendel, De Soto, Wis. Amanda Allert, Assoc. Milk Prod., Inc.
The VanPolen Family, Marion, Mich. Preston Cole, Mich. Milk Prod. Assn.
Nathaniel Weaver, Crab Orchard, Ky. Eddie Hasty, Dairy Farmers of America
John, Jack, and Frank Zonneveld, Laton, Calif. Norman Kedrowski, Land O'Lakes

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