July 2016

7.29.2016 Pioneer.com Relaunched with Improved Functionality and New Online Seed Guide
7.29.2016 NMPF Introduces FARM Environmental Stewardship Component to Help Measure Progress Made
7.29.2016 Bio-Vet Introduces Stainless Steel Balling Guns
7.28.2016 Add Inoculants to Help Improve Silage Quantity, Quality
7.28.2016 DCC Waterbeds Earn Prestigious DLG APPROVED Seal for Cow Comfort
7.28.2016 CWT Assists with 972,000 Pounds of Cheese and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.28.2016 What is Meta-Analysis?
7.26.2016 Visualizing Lameness is Key to its Solution
7.26.2016 Happy Hormone's Calcium Connection May Make Cows and Humans Healthier
7.26.2016 Pereira Joins Purina Animal Nutrition Dairy Team
7.26.2016 John Deere and Frontier Equipment introduce TipsNotebook.com
7.25.2016 Dairy Management Inc. Promotes O'Brien to President
7.25.2016 Hampel Welcomes Larry Brown as Director of Development and Engineering
7.25.2016 July Rains on Toxic Tall-Fescue Pastures Add Heat Stress to Cows, Says Specialist
7.25.2016 Krull and Ziegler Named Activity System Specialists of the Year for Select Sires
7.25.2016 WAEC e-Flash! LEAD Gift Announcement
7.25.2016 Select Sires Communications Team Recognized for Excellence During CCA Conference
7.25.2016 Happy Dairy Month
7.22.2016 New Aquionics UV System Designed to Help Milk Producers Comply with FDA PMO
7.22.2016 Allison Grove Joins Zinpro Corporation as Research Assistant
7.21.2016 Nominate Top Milk Quality Dairy Herds for NDQA
7.21.2016 All-Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show Set for All-American Dairy Show
7.21.2016 More than 200 Participate in First Silage for Beef Cattle Conference
7.21.2016 Chilean Dairy Farm to Become the Largest Robotic Farm in the World
7.21.2016 Premium List Released for 2016 All-American Dairy Show
7.21.2016 National Jersey Leadership Named at Annual Meetings
7.19.2016 MEGALAC Celebrates 30th Anniversary
7.19.2016 Registration Now Open for Dairy Financial and Risk Management Conference
7.19.2016 LDHM Presentations Now Available for Purchase
7.19.2016 Come Out to the Great Dairy Adventure on July 20 at the MSU Pavilion
7.19.2016 Blough Awarded Nick Bellows Scholarship by the MDMSF
7.18.2016 CWT Assists with 756,000 Pounds of Cheese Export Sales
7.18.2016 Save the date for DeLaval VMS PROductivity Tour during World Dairy Expo 2016
7.18.2016 FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative Awards 28 Scholarships to Students
7.18.2016 NMC Publishes Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis 5th Edition
7.18.2016 IDFA Commends Congress for Passing GMO Disclosure Bill
7.18.2016 NMPF Comment on Passage of Biotech Labeling Bill in House of Representatives
7.18.2016 4 Ways to Help Create Quality Silage This Harvest
7.18.2016 Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS) Specialists Meet For Advanced Training
7.18.2016 FCA Board Adopts Final Rule on Farmer Mac Governance and Standards of Conduct
7.18.2016 Scientists Announce Genetic Advancements in Alfalfa Research
7.15.2016 Fitzpatrick Named Vita Plus Dairy Specialist
7.15.2016 DFC's AGM Closes with a Continued Commitment to Strengthen the Dairy Industry
7.15.2016 Holstein Association USA Board Meets in Saratoga Springs
7.14.2016 AcuRite Announces "My AcuRite" Cloud-Based Weather Environment System
7.14.2016 Merck Animal Health Launches a New "Creating Connections" Educational Module
7.14.2016 Portland Student Awarded John and Barbara Dilland Scholarship by the MDMSF
7.14.2016 Improve Milk Quality and Economic Gain with U of I Somatic Cell Count Calculator
7.13.2016 Committees Keep Holstein Canada Connected
7.13.2016 Green Book Online: July Genomic Evaluation Release
7.12.2016 Wet Weather Slows Haymakers; Seed Heads Become a Problem
7.12.2016 Vincent Joins ANIMART as Key Accounts Manager
7.12.2016 Marina von Keyserlingk and Daniel Weary Win First Ruminant Well-being Award
7.12.2016 Knepper Joins ANIMART as Territory Manager
7.11.2016 How Bioactive Fatty Acids Change Milk Fat Synthesis
7.11.2016 CDCB Congratulates Dr. George R. Wiggans On His Retirement
7.11.2016 Hands-On Learning at the Ag Birthing Center for Both Young and Old
7.11.2016 CWT Assists with 3 million Pounds of Cheese, Butter, and Whole Milk Powder Export Sales
7.11.2016 NMPF Endorses Legislation Protecting Dairy Farms from Litigation
7.11.2016 WMMB Board Elects Fiscal Year 2017 Leadership
7.11.2016 National Dairy FARM Program to Lead One-Day Session at 49th Annual AABP Conference
7.11.2016 Statement on the U.S. Senate Vote to Pass GMO Disclosure Bill
7.11.2016 DFA Commends the Senate's Passing of Federal Labeling Guidelines for GM Foods
7.11.2016 NMPF Statement on Senate Passage of Roberts-Stabenow Biotech Food Labeling Legislation
7.11.2016 Statement Regarding GE Labeling Passage
7.11.2016 New Select Sires Employees Participate in Orientation
7.11.2016 Diamond V Announces New Dairy Team Members
7.11.2016 John Deere Announces New Software Release for the Operations Center
7.08.2016 Cooperative Network Announces Reorganization
7.08.2016 Youth Excel During National Holstein Foundation Contests
7.07.2016 NMPF Commends Senate for Moving Roberts-Stabenow Biotech Labeling Amendment Toward Final Vote
7.07.2016 Outstanding Breeders and Leaders Recognized with Awards at 2016 National Holstein Convention
7.07.2016 Select Sires Inc. Introduces Summer Interns
7.07.2016 Make the Most of Every Nickel By Investigating Ration Alternatives
7.07.2016 Holstein Youth Compete at 2016 National Junior Holstein Convention
7.07.2016 Hughes Dairy Receives Farm Bureau's Luther Burbank Conservation Award
7.07.2016 Distinguished Junior Member Finalists Recognized at 2016 National Holstein Convention
7.07.2016 Howard W. Nash is Honored by the MDMSF for his Lifelong Commitment to the Dairy Industry
7.07.2016 Industry Experts Address Food Transparency at NMC Conference
7.07.2016 NMPF Offers Updated Tools for Dairy Farmers Enrolling in Margin Protection Program for 2017
7.05.2016 Richard and Patricia Hyde are Honored by the MDMSF for Their Commitment to the Dairy Industry
7.05.2016 Norel Transfers the Probiotic Business to Evonik
7.05.2016 National DHIA Announces Scholarship Program
7.05.2016 MSD Animal Health Announces 2016 Gustav Rosenberger Memorial Fund Scholarship Winner
7.05.2016 ANIMART, LLC Merging with Stockmen's Supply / Midwest Supply & Distributing
7.05.2016 CWT Assists with 353,000 Pounds of Butter Export Sales
7.05.2016 BIVI Hires Cathy Kleiven as Executive Director, Supply Chain Management
7.05.2016 New Challenger® 1000 Series Tractors - Must-See Solution Will Debut at Farm Progress Show
7.05.2016 Wisconsin FFA Foundation's 2015-16 Campaign Surpasses the $600,000 Mark
7.05.2016Semex Announces Gerrit Wensink President & Chairman of the Board
7.05.2016 Entries Open for 50th World Dairy Expo® Cattle Show
7.05.2016 Friends of Missouri Dairy Supported
7.05.2016 Haywood awarded $5,500 Russel Erickson Scholarship by the MDMSF
7.05.2016 National Guernsey Convention Has Outstanding Week
7.05.2016 Bio-Vet Adds Becky Terry to Sales Team
7.05.2016 Todd Firkins Named Executive Director of U.S. Food Animal Marketing at Merck Animal Health
7.05.2016 Dairy Organizations Lament Impact of Canada's Barriers to Dairy Trade at North American Summit
7.05.2016 Midwest Dairy Crowns 69th North Dakota Dairy Princess
7.05.2016 Cargill's goal: Help improve more than 1 million people's lives by 2020
7.05.2016 Norel Transfers the Probiotic Business to Evonik
7.01.2016 K·Coe Isom Applauds U.S. House Tax Reform Effort
7.01.2016 U.S. Milk Powder Producers Adding Capacity Despite Short-Term Global Supply Glut
7.01.2016 Gambonini joins All West / Select Sires as Communications Intern
7.01.2016 5 Points to Help Assure Forage Inoculant Performance

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Sept. 16 2016
The information listed below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. The information provided here has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard's Dairyman. Earn Free...
Sept. 16 2016
The information listed below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. The information provided here has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard's Dairyman. Diamond...
Sept. 16 2016
The information listed below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. The information provided here has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard's Dairyman. Butler County...