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Tim Coon shares a passion for cows and people.


Growing up on a Guernsey farm in eastern New York, this year's silver anniversary Duncan MacKenzie recipient, Timothy Coon of Amenia, N.Y., came to his first World Dairy Expo in 1981 and hasn't missed a show since.

In the early 1980s, this Empire State native left the family farm to pursue a career as a foot trimmer and cattle fitter. He then began working for several sales companies including Hanover Hill Sales and Service, The Cattle Exchange and the Guernsey Marketing Service.

Tim also had the opportunity to work with many excellent show herds including Dreamstreet Holsteins, Lylehaven Holsteins, Piedmont Jerseys, Millbourne Guernseys and Woodmansee Holsteins. While working with Dreamstreet Holsteins, he cared for the 1983 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion, Millervue Ultimate Rosalyn, as chronicled in the 50th Anniversary Book on World Dairy Expo We Need a Show.
Most recently, the 25th MacKenzie Award winner lent his expert services to Elite Dairy's Brown Swiss string, which has had four Grand Champions at World Dairy Expo in recent years including Eloc Wagnor Kandid who won last year's show.

Tim has trained and mentored many youth throughout the years, getting them involved and off to a great start in the agricultural business. Tim has been married to his wife, Beth, for 30 years and has three daughters and seven grandchildren. He is very active in his local agricultural community, serving on the Dutchess County Fair board and on the New York Spring Show Committee. Above all, Tim is extremely dedicated, will help anyone solve their problem, and assist them in achieving their goals.

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