Sept. 30 2015 01:05 PM

A pair of cows from the Badger State was named Grand and Reserve Grand Champion at the International Junior Holstein Show.

2015 Junior Holstein show

Holstein cows owned and exhibited by junior members paraded across the royal blue shavings on Tuesday afternoon. Judge Chad Ryan of Fond du Lac, Wis., and his associate Jamie Black of Constable, N.Y., placed 229 animals in the International Junior Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo.

The winner of the day was Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal-ETS, an aged cow owned by Trevor Tuman and Chandler Bening of Lomira, Wis. The Reserve Grand Champion was Kingsmill Atwood Allison-ET, a 4-year-old owned by Jordan and Whitney Ebert of Algoma, Wis.

The Intermediate Champion was Silvermaple Windham Camille-ET, owned by Christian Cunningham of Penngrowve, Calif. Ms Tara GC Tahiti-ET, owned by Austin Yoder and Matthias Swartzentruber of Montezuma, Ga., was named Reserve Intermediate Champion.

The winning spring yearling, K-Land Kilo Black Diamond, was named Junior Champion of the Junior Holstein Show. Her owner is Ashley Hawvermale of Wooster, Ohio. Md-Maple-Dell Gold Inola-ET, owned by Chase Savage, Union Bridge, Md., was tapped as Reserve Junior Champion. The Champion Bred and Owned award was presented to Macland Cinnamon, owned by Anna Culberson of Elgin, Minn.

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