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World Dairy Expo Supplement (complete PDF) Large file: 54 Meg

Scenes from the 2015 World Dairy Expo

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World Dairy Expo Daily Schedule (PDF)

World Dairy Expo Booth maps


National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest High Individuals (1919-2014)
National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest Winning Teams (1919-2014)
National Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest Winners (1989-2014)
National Collegiate Dairy Judging Contest High Individuals (1916-2014)
National Collegiate Dairy Judging Winning Teams (1916-2014)


Merle Howard Award Winners (2004-2014)
Klussendorf (1937-2014) and Klussendorf-McKenzie Winners (1991-2014)
See the National Dairy Shrine Pioneers since 1950


Supreme Champions of World Dairy Expo (1970-2014)
Supreme Champions of the Junior Show at World Dairy Expo (1994-2014)

World Dairy Expo website

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Sept. 27 2016
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Sept. 25 2016
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Sept. 25 2016
We had to make a better pizza Dairy Management Inc., via the dairy-farmer checkoff, provided the shot in the arm that not only turned around Domino's, but the entire pizza category. by Hoard's Dairyman...