Guernsey Royalty 2015Princesses and Queens from seven different states vied for this year's title of National Guernsey Queen at the National Guernsey Convention and 139th Annual Meeting in Walnut Creek, Ohio. Jenny McKenna of Albion, New York was named National Guernsey Queen, and Cara Woloohojian of West Greenwich, Rhode Island was named National Guernsey Princess. They were crowned by the 2014 royalty, Queen Robin Kime of Iowa and Princess Laura Jensen of Wisconsin.

McKenna is the 20-year-old daughter of George and Iva McKenna. She and her three sisters make all the decisions on their family's Wee Kin Farm, a small hobby farm with a variety of species. She also helps out with her family's animal hospital. McKenna is currently a student at Cornell University, where she is the Fundraising Officer of the Dairy Science Club. She served as the 2014-2015 New York State Princess. In the future, McKenna hopes to own and operate an agricultural tourism farm to educate the public about agriculture and dairying. She plans on always owning Guernsey cattle and to continue to be a Guernsey advocate.

Woloohojian is the 20-year-old daughter of Jim and Susan Woloohojian and currently a student at Virginia Tech, where she is a leader in the Dairy Club. Before going to college, she was involved with her family's Wee Acres Guernsey farm, which she founded along with her sister. Her proudest accomplishment was owning and exhibiting the Grand Champion Guernsey at World Dairy Expo in 2013, Wee Acres Spider Clara Bell. She plans to graduate from college in 2017 with a double-major of Dairy Science and Human Nutrition. Her future goals include working in the human dental field, maintaining a Guernsey farm operation and producing ice cream and cheese for the local market.

American Guernsey AssociationThe American Guernsey Association is based in Columbus, Ohio and is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of Guernsey dairy cows and products.

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