Tanner Topp, first place in the 2015 individual contest, had a dominating day winning placings, receiving second in reasons and participating on the first-place team.

Year High Individual College
1989 Sue Northrup SUNY Cobleskill
1990 Greg Silva College of the Sequoias (CA)
1991 Allen Van Gorder Morrisville State College (NY)
1992 Rebecca Dumont SUNY Cobleskill
1993 Derek Wolf Morrisville State College (NY)
1994 Ted Dechow Morrisville State College (NY)
1995 Mike Lortie Michigan State University
1996 Daniel Martin College of the Sequoias
1997 Tara Taylor Morrisville State College (NY)
1998 Jana McClelland Santa Rosa Junior College (CA)
1999 Rudi DeWinkle Modesto Junior College (CA)
Year High Individual
2000 Kristi Gridley, Highland Community College
2001 Darin Hill, Morrisville State College (NY)
2002 Joseph Silva, Modesto Junior College (CA)
2003 Sarah Van Exel, Modesto Junior College
2004 Cole Bettencourt, Modesto Junior College (CA)
2005 Chris Smithgall, Morrisville State College (NY)
2006 Amanda Durant, Morrisville State College (NY)
2007 Caitlin Morehar, Modesto Junior College (CA)
2008 Christopher Curtiss, SUNY Cobleskill
2009 Matt Henkes, Northeast Iowa Comminutiy College
Year High Individual
2010 Thomas McCarty, Morrisville State University (NY)
2011 Rocco Cunningham, Modesto Junior College (CA)
2012 Austen Schmidt, University of Wisconsin Farm & Industry Short Course
2013 Jessica Telgmann, Kaskaskia College, Illinois
2014 Evan Castrogiovanni, Morrisville State College (NY)
2015 Tanner Topp, Agricultural Technical Institute of Ohio State University

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