2015 Merle Howard Winner: Jared Dueppengiesser, Perry, N.Y.

Jared Dueppengiesser is Merle Howard Award winner

Dueppengiesser is the twelfth person to receive this honor.
The Merle Howard Award given to the show's top junior exhibitor.

Jared Dueppengiesser is a class act among his peers. He is an honest, hard-working and generous youth who is passionate about Registered Holsteins and, most importantly, passionate about fair play. He is willing to help anyone at anytime, young or old, and never seeks to bring attention to himself.

At the request of the Junior Holstein Show Management Team, he took time to help other juniors during this year's Junior Holstein Show. He is the son of Peter and Roxanne Dueppengiesser of Ranson-Rail Farms, Perry, N.Y., and is currently a sophomore majoring in animal science at Cornell University.

The 19-year-old grew up participating in many 4-H and Junior Holstein Association activities with great success. He is extremely active on his home farm and in his church and community.

Over the years, Dueppengiesser has also done well in the showring. After purchasing OCD Aspen Midnight Rain-ET in 2009, he went on to have quite a successful summer that culminated with a third-place finish in the fall calf class at the International Holstein Show.

He also showed Crackholm Goldwyn Chary-ET to a second-place finish in the 4-year-old class of the International Junior Holstein Show this year. Additionally, his heifer, Ms Jacobs Gold Coin-ET, finished fourth in the winter yearling class. That same heifer was Junior Champion at the New York State Fair open show this past summer.

The award is given in honor of the 1954 Klussendorf winner Merle Howard. Howard was a long-time World Dairy Expo volunteer, who also served as herd manager for Mooseheart Farms, as Holstein classifier, and later in the sales and export business. He was on the first board of directors of National Dairy Shrine and is only one of six people to have won its 4-E Award for outstanding service.

Past Merle Howard Award winners

Tom Morris presenter, 2014, Jade Jensen; and previous award winners of the Merle Howard Award include: 2004, Robert Teixeira, Turlock, Calif.; 2005, Matthew Mitchell, Lafollette, Tenn.; 2006, Greta Koebel, Three Oaks, Mich.; 2007, Brandon Ferry, Hilbert, Wis.; 2008, Kelly Lee, Johnson Creek, Wis.; 2009 Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac, Wis.; 2010 Stephanie Aves, Popular Grove, Ill.; 2011 Karen Anderson, Lester Prairie, Minn.; 2012 Cy Conard, Sharon Springs, N.Y. (not pictured); 2013 Cassy Krull, Lake Mills, Wis.

Here are the past winners of the Merle Howard Award:
2014: Jade Jensen, MO
2013: Cassy Krull, WI
2012: Cy Conard, NY
2011: Karen Anderson, MN
2010: Stephanie Aves, IL
2009: Kyle Natzke, WI
2008: Kelly Lee, WI
2007: Brandon Ferry, WI
2006: Greta Koebel, MI
2005: Matt Mitchell, TN
2004: Robert Teixeira, CA

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