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December 2014

A cautious 2015 outlook is unfolding
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for 2015 milk prices
Editorial: "Where do you spend your extra money?"
Handy Hint December

November 2014

Fluid milk not tapped out
Wisconsin is experiencing a dairy renaissance
Giving a compliment won't kill you
Handy Hint November

October 25, 2014

Editorial: USDA secretary makes bold move on checkoff
December's genetic evaluations will feature many changes
If you build it, the owls will come
What leads to satisfied co-op members?
100,000 attend 100th Cheese Days' anniversary
Handy Hint October 25

October 10, 2014

Times are a changin'
Agriculture needs all kinds
Editorial: Animal science & dairy science headed for divorce
Handy Hint October 10

September 25, 2014

Editorial: A2 Milk -Myth, Fad or the real deal?
Make financial plans during good years, too
Are we at the bottom of the corn market?
Handy Hint September 25

September 10, 2014

Lower prices, but positive margins expected
Editorial: American Agriculture is a solid investment
The dairyman's judge
Handy Hint September 10

August 25, 2014

Ohio cow shatters production records
August 2014 Hoard's Dairyman Bull List
A better return - Stocks and bonds or dairy cows?
Handy Hint August 25

August 10, 2014

Cows continue to congregate
Would component pricing work in the Southeast?
Editorial: Cattle numbers track only half the story
Handy Hint August 10

July 2014

Editorial: Two food groups, two different standards
After $24 milk, can dairies cope with $6 less?
Cows like George Strait, too
Handy Hint July

June 2014

Milk insurance is a balance of premiums and payouts
Will today's record milk prices lead to new price lows?
Editorial: Pound for Pound, Dairy is the safest food
Handy Hint June

May 25, 2014

Bias remains a challenge for genomic evaluations
Whom will heat stress hit hardest?
The protein predicament drives feed values
Handy Hint May 25

May 10, 2014

Goldilocks forage windrows benefit no one
Dry cows feel the heat, too
Editorial: Food is still a bargain
Handy Hint May 10

April 25, 2014

Walking with Walmart
Water crisis looming for California dairies
Editorial: Science backs GMOs, but emotion rules the heart
Handy Hint April 25

April 10, 2014

China and India's practices leapfrog a generation
Editorial: Soil compaction is hard to reverse
Europe could slow growth in U.S. cheese sales

March 25, 2014

Will your family business survive for generations?
Breeding trouble-free cows
Can your farm improve 5 percent?
Handy Mint March 25

March 10, 2014

A Europe without dairy quotas
Editorial: Farm bill represented a historic shift for dairy
Favorable margins should buoy returns on milk
Handy Hint March 10

February 25, 2014

Insurance provides protection and flexibility
Dairy leaders are bullish on exports
Editorial: Farm bill provides dairy with some stability
Handy Hint February 25

February 10, 2014

Short on milk, not so short on feed
Editorial: More evidence supports consuming dairy fats
Handy Hint February 10

January 25, 2014

A little extra prep makes accountants more valuable
Editorial: BST . . . 20 years later
Will the pending Net Merit revision bring an altered structure?
Handy Hint January 25

January 10, 2014

Why the Yakima lawsuits matter to every producer
Editorial: Does your farm have a veterinarian of record?
There's no substitute for plastic on bunkers
Handy Hint January 10

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